Welcome at the webiste of the ‘Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig’!


The “Eine Welt e.V.” was founded in October 1990. It is a registered non-profit association, with the aim to promote the responsibility for cultural, social, economic and environmental issues concerning the “third” world.
Our focus lies on intercultural and global learning to strengthen understanding and tolerance towards other cultures. We achieve this through developmental education during project days and workshops for children and juveniles, organizing cultural events and running two shops with faire trade products. Today the association counts about 50 members engaged in its’ work on full or part-time basis.
The association particularly aims for the promotion of fair trade and environmentally friendly manufactured products by undertaking public activities in relation to global development problems and lifestyle issues. That is why our organisation offers various programs for schools and other institutions, trying to raise the public awareness by being wide open and providing special teaching techniques. Main topics covered by our activities are: global economy, poverty, conflicts, migration issues, asylum, racism, consumer behavior and the depletion of natural resources. Furthermore we offer exchange programs and projects with partners in Eastern Europe and overseas (for example Poland, Ukraine, Russia, India and many more). By organizing many cultural events and activities, such as lectures, concerts of foreign bands, drumming-classes, international youth meetings, we implement our educational work towards different target groups. Our work is supported by various interests groups as for example children’s rights group, products group, youth group, coffee group and “One World Library”.

Whether you want to find our One World Shops in Leipzig or are interested in a voluntary work, we hope this website will help you to find all necessary information.

>> If you are a teacher and would like to introduce development topics at school, please go to Education.

>> You will find information about our One World library here.

>> We also encourage you to get to know more about our youth work acitvitities and projects abroad.

>> If you are interested in the political involvement of our association there is a special page with links.

>> Finally, on our German website, all our past and recent events can be viewed.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us:
(Tel.: 0341-3010143 /Fax.: -3919106)
or e-mail: ed.gizpiel-nedaltlewnull@ofni