European Youth Seminar 2008


Join in decision making, make a difference! You can do all that and much more – try it out, together with other youth from three nations.europaeisch-seminar.JPG

Learn to find common goals and a common strategy through intercultural exchange.

Our goals are:

* supporting active citizenship of young people in general and European citizenship in particular.

* supporting solidarity and tolerance among young people in order to strengthen partnership on the European level.

If you are young, dynamic, active and want to change something, then this is the right thing for you, because we will help you with that!

The seminar will be centered around dealing with the reality of young people in the intercultural context. There will be participants from Germany, Romania and Poland, who will live together in a rural area with an idyllic landscape, get to know each other, discuss and be creative for a whole week. There will be a future workshop that will treat violations of youth rights from the perspective of personal experiences of the participants. The future workshop will consist of three phases; following the last phase, the participants should formulate requests to politicians and work out a contract in which possible steps that could improve the situation will be named. In order for this to have an impact, a meeting with political decision makers (a round table) is planned after the seminar. Each youth group will organise and conduct this round table with the support of the locally involved associations. The goal should be a contract signed by both sides, which obligates both sides to subsequent activity.

Besides all this, you are of course urged to stay active after the seminar, because commitment lives from continuous work. Some things need time and many impulses.

We expect from you that you carry on working after the seminar and the round table on the agreed steps, and set a good example especially for the politicians. One possibility for that is being active as a knowledge multiplier (knowledge disseminator).

Tell other young people about your experiences!

Stay in contact with the participants from other countries. Among other things we are planning a follow-up meeting with representatives from every nation for interchanging experiences about the activities after the seminar, about the contact and collaboration with politicians and about the possibility of new project.

Keep records for the future! We want to encourage you to produce a small film about the project, in which you can report about your experiences in any way you like. This film should be used for educational purposes.


June 2008

In advance, every participant should write a short text about themself and submit a photograph. These will be used for making a brochure, which every participant will be receive before the seminar.

There will be a preparatory meeting at the end of June, during which we will work together to produce a presentation, which shows you young people in you personal environments.

July 2008

A lot of joy and experiences with other youth.

September 2008 – March 2009

After the seminar there will be a round table.

We would be glad if you stay active after the seminar, help implementing the steps you agreed upon at the round table and report other young people about your experiences.

After the seminar you should make a movie about your experiences.

The total run-time of the project is one year. You can organise the time for your activities after the seminar as you like.

The seminar will take place at the Youth Hostel (Jugendgästehaus) Pirna – Liebethal.

Participation fee:

For German participants: 60 €

For Polish participants: 40 €

For Romanian participants: 30 €

The participation fee should be thought of as an own contribution, while the main part of the costs will be covered by subsidies from the EU, from the Deutscher Bundesjugendring (German Youth Network), from the Beauftragtenrat Junge Linke (Delegate Council Young Left), from Gisela Kallenbach, from the Youth Office Leipzig etc.

Our services:

* coaching in advance

* organising the journey to the seminar

* organising the accommodation and full catering

* coaching the follow-up activities


The final application date is the 22nd of June 2008.

Basic knowledge of the English language is a requirement for participating in the seminar.

Apply by sending an e-mail to Sophia: or by calling +49-341-3010143

Responsible for this project are: Martina Glass, Anne Walde, Antje Kind, Sophia Rohrschneider and Delia Peiov

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