• Topic: Knowledge of social antimafia and good practices of active citizenship
  • 1st Part: 25/07 to 08/08/2022
    Place: Naro and Belpasso, Sicily (Italy)
  • 2nd Part: 27/10 to 03/11/2022
    Place: Leipzig (Germany)
  • Age: Young adults from 18 to 30
  • Funding: Erasmus+
  • Language: English REGISTRATION

European Youth Exchange “No Place for Mafia Structures”

First Part:

Two weeks in eastern Sicily. This youth exchange offers a combination of practical work and non-formal education sessions on social antimafia practices at local cooperatives. Our partners’ agricultural cooperatives not only offer people a legal and secure job opportunity, but also produce high quality organic products on land confiscated from criminal organisations.

Second Part:

Six days in Leipzig, Germany. In this phase, there will be days dedicated to reworking the experience in Sicily through non-formal theatre teaching practices. The aim of this meeting is to try to develop a way of communication between us and those around us and then to try to replicate it in our daily realities.

This exchange includes practical work in the cooperatives, guided visits, case studies, moments of reflection, discovery of the territory and moments of didactic theatre.

Who can participate?

• Any European citizen living in Bulgaria, France, Germany and Italy or in possession of a residence permit in one of these countries.
• Young people and young adults aged between 18 and 30
• People interested in the topic of social antimafia, sustainability and active citizenship.
• Anyone with a basic knowledge of English. (Proficiency in the languages of other countries is welcome).

Included in the project are:
  • Accommodation
  • Meals during the exchange
  • Activities on site

Each national partner association of this project may reserve the right to ask participants for a small participation fee.

Reimbursement of travel costs:
  • To Catania and return (1st part) up to € 275,00 (From Bulgaria/France/Germany)
  • To Catania and return (1st part) up to € 180,00 (From Italy)
  • To Leipzig and return (2nd part) up to € 275,00 (From Bulgaria/France/Italy)

Travel costs in excess of these amounts are the at charge of the participant.

Project Partners:

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