Politics and action of the Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig


Besides our alternative trade, we find it necessary to participate in important political bodies in order to emphasize our aims. After all, we want to achieve something! Therefore, we cooperate with the following bodies:

Agenda 21 Leipzig: Here we try to involve our topics in the development of the region: the problems of the North-South relations and the distribution of ressources. Logo Agenda 21 Leipzig
The Saxonian Third World Aid Policy Network coordinates the activities of the Saxonian foreign aid groups. It observes and responds critically to the third world aid policy of the Free State of Saxony. ens
attac leipzig
The AG Erlassjahr Leipzig (Remission Year Working Pool Leipzig) has a monthly meeting every second Tuesday in our shop in Burgstrasse. It deals with the subjects indebtedness and “democratic control of the international finance streams (ATTAC Leipzig)”.
Because of our concern for young people, we are partnair of the Stadtjugendring Leipzig (association for youth) and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft jugendfreizeitstätten (An association that offers continuing education, advises and services to young people). stadtjugendring
faire We are member of the association “die F.A.I.R.E” and we buy most of the products of our shops from its warehouse.
We support the initiative “Gentechnikfreie Stadt Leipzig” (Leipzig, a city without genetic engineering), and the campaign “Agriculture without engineering genetic in Saxony” genfood
radio blau Our association takes part of the monthly radio broadcast about environment “Grünkern” (green core) of the local free radio “blau”.
If you want to support us financially, you can get in touch with us and ask for informations about donations, or you can make an online donation through our donationportal. You can offer money (Geldspenden), some of your time (Zeitspenden) or things (Sachspenden).